Treatments & Therapies

Chinese Medicine Consultation (Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs)


Includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal prescription where appropriate. 

Initial Consultation            60-90 minutes

Follow-up Consultation      45-60 minutes

Rates available through the Booking Links above.

Online/Remote Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Consultation+ (ONLINE Sessions)

Initial Online Consultation            $120 ($100 conc.)    (60 minutes)

Follow-up Online Consultation      $90   ($75 conc.)    (30 minutes)


+ Includes Acupressure, diet, lifestyle, Chinese herbal prescription where appropriate, and more.

+ Herbal Medicine an additional $18-50 week, plus postage.

Shonishin - Non-Invasive Baby, Toddler 'acupuncture'


Shonishin is a non-invasive (no needles) and very gentle style of pediatric 'acupuncture' originating in Japan. It uses gentle tools and techniques to stroke, rub and softly tap on the skins surface and is completely painless.

Shonishin can be used for supporting and soothing common pediatric conditions: from digestive, sleep, behavioural, emotional, and many physical conditions.

It is suitable for newborns (1 week +), sensitive adults, and geriatric clients.

Call the clinic to discuss Shonishin further.

Massage & Ancillary Techniques - Therapeutic / Deep Tissue

May be incorporated into your standard Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture Session, but is not offered as a stand-alone service.

Where necessary we may also utilise techniques such as cupping, gua sha and moxibustion to enhance a massage or Chinese Medicine treatment.

Cancellation policy: As a courtesy, and to provide opportunity for other clients to book we request that you give us as least 24 hours notice when rescheduling or cancelling your appointment. 
We reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee if less notice is given. If you miss your appointment on the day, the full fee is payable.

Private Health Rebates: Available for both acupuncture and herbal only consultations* if you have the appropriate cover. Online consultations do not receive Private Health Rebates, and are priced accordingly to remain accessible.

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