Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine available in Reservoir
with Dr. Irene Perkoulidis

We are OPEN to support the local community throughout COVID. 

*Update 22nd September, 2020 - good news.

Stage 4 Restrictions easing from Monday 28th September (Second Step)
----- Acupuncture is available for in-person sessions.


Can I come in for treatment?

Yes - If you are seeking treatment to prevent your situation getting worse, or if a delay would result in an increased recovery time, or if you require pre- or post-operative support, you can make an appointment from 28th Sept onwards.
If you are suffering from an injury or condition that is causing you significant pain, distress or loss of function, you can book now.

Not yet - If you are seeking preventative or low level care, which is not worsening or affecting your functionality, you will need to wait until after 26th Oct.

Please be kind to yourself and do not suffer in silence – 7 more weeks is a long time.

Can I get a top-up for my herbal script?

Herbal medicine available for pickup with 5km, and post/uber outside of 5km.

Do you have TeleHealth?

Yes, TeleHealth is available for all new and existing patients that require on-going support managing their condition, and to review herbal prescriptions for delivery, or click-and-collect.​


Appointments are currently only available via phone or email, but you can still look online for availability.

Warm regards,

Dr. Irene Perkoulidis.

At Silk Tree Chinese Medicine we are committed to providing you with the health care and support that you need, especially through the difficult times.

Chinese Medicine is a valuable Essential Health Service that provides quality healthcare to a currently overburdened medical and hospital system. Throughout the past few months, Silk Tree has remained open to serve the community.

As an AHPRA Registered Health Practitioner, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists are trained to uphold strict and quality infection control standards. In addition to these, further improvements have been made to reduce potential cross-contamination between all staff, clients or contractors that enter the clinic. 

We are passionate about delivering unique health solutions to each individual by incorporating the accumulated ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with today's modern and cutting edge insight.

We have a special interest and experience in assisting with pregnancy, fertility and IVF related enquiries, as well as treating stress and emotional ailments, with particular support for the GLBTIQ community.

Whether you are looking to address something in particular, or to improve your sense of general well-being, please give us a call to see how we may help.

Please call now for your first booking.

Our conveniently located clinic is amongst a strip of shops at the top of Gilbert Rd, Reservoir, near the picturesque Edwardes Lake. At Silk Tree Chinese Medicine - also incorporating Reservoir Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Dr. Irene Perkoulidis (TCM) has brought together two clinics into one beautiful wellness space. 

Opening Hours
(reduced hours for Stage 4)

Monday               Closed     

Tuesday          2pm – 6pm

Wednesday         Closed     

Thursday         12pm – 3pm

Friday                 Closed     

Saturday             Closed

Sunday            11am – 3pm

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